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Discover a new way to frizz-free, smooth, straight and shiny hair that is completely safe!


OXO developed a uniquely organic hair treatment to provide hair salons with a safe and permanent process to straighten curls, remove frizz, and restore damaged hair.

•  OXO is permanent and does not breakdown or dissolves.
•  No need to dry your hair – just wash and go.
•  Smooths and nourish all hair types.
•  You can safely & freely swim in the ocean or in the pool.
•  Nourishes dry hair, restores damaged hair.
•  Can be done during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
•  Works for all hair types!


OXO Organic is an innovative way to safely and permanently transform coarse, frizzy, and curly hair to smooth, straight and shiny hair.There has never been anything like it before. ‏Its Organic formula suspends the Internal Textural ‘Memory’ of the sulfur bonds and safely transforms it, giving the hair soft and sensual look and feel.

OXO Organic’s low pH formula contains no harsh chemicals, Formaldehyde, Ammonia or Sulfur and can be used safely on all clients. Unlike all type of straighteners, OXO Organic’s advanced formula poses no health risks, and preserves the integrity of the hair.

There is no need to switch to any special hair products, just keep using your own.

‏All of this is possible with OXO organic because the hair remains strong, since the sulfur bonds have not been broken in the process but rather underwent a permanent change, for a permanent smooth, straight and shiny hair.

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