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Control your frizz the safe way!

ANTI-FRIZZ BY YUKO® features thioglycerin, the Japanese hair industry’s latest breakthrough ingredient, to improve texture. Combined with a unique blend of naturally extracted ingredients from silk, soy, wheat, Meadowfoam and palm oil, ANTI-FRIZZ BY YUKO® will safely control frizz and seal in nutrients for a smooth, silky hair.

Anti-Frizz by YUKO is the newest, innovative Japanese anti-frizz treatment that will semi permanently smooth away frizz and make hair more manageable and healthy looking. The technologically advanced formula was created by YUKO, the pioneers of thermal hair straightening.

Milbon Liscio System

Versatile, professional straightening and smoothing system. This non-formaldehyde, thio-based solution allows for a variety of finishes from sleek to smooth and can be used for permanent straightening services - aka Japanese straightening - as well as less permanent smoothing service.


YUKO Hair Straightening is the internationally patented system recognized worldwide as "Japanese Hair Straightening" or "Thermal Reconditioning".


YUKO, together with Phiten, developed the specialized process that has proven itself as the envy of the hair industry. Each step of the procedure is tailored to recondition, protect and maintain the health of the hair. Wavy, curly, kinky, no matter how unmanageable the hair is, YUKO will leave the hair luxuriously straight with a lustrous shine

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