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A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.  —Coco Chanel

Anna is a hairstylist as well as owner at Verlique - a full-service hair salon which is located in the heart of Union Square in Manhattan. She has been in the industry for over 11 years now, and has done over 10.000 hair straightening jobs on any and every hair type you could possibly imagine! She has a NY state cosmetology license, and she is a pro when it comes to hair extensions!

After leaving Russia at the age of 21, Anna decided to move to New York and has been there ever since 2008. New York allowed her to express her creative side and has thought her that every hair is a challenge on its own. This is why Anna's approach is very fashion-forward & catered towards your hair type. She loves to give women that walk into her salon precise & defined cuts, as well as an ideal hair color which will match their skin tone which not that many hairstylists do.

One of her specialties are also hair extensions where she works with Keratin fusion extensions - Great Lengths as well as a variety of tape-ins. This is ideal for any & every woman who craves length quick & overnight.

Anna spends hours and hours every week exploring & teaching herself new skills which she can bring back home, to her studio, and to her clients. Although she is highly qualified and skilful, she continues adopting new training as she stays ahead with all the new and upcoming fashion trends to ensure her clients receive top-quality services. Anna will use her knowledge and her set of skills and will make you feel great about yourself, and most importantly - you will get exactly what you came in for!

Anna always gives maximum effort to provide the best service which is customized per your preference. Her end goal is never ''just a haircut'', it is leaving you with a smile and allowing you to enjoy healthy hair with minimum damage, yet at a reasonable pace.

Anna is also certified in Thermal Japanese Straightening by Milbon and Yuko, which is permanent hair straightening for all the ladies who want their frizz gone! Thermal straightening can do wonders for women with dry, wavy or curly texture, and Anna can fully transform your hair in a matter of hours!


Anna is very passionate about hair straightening, and she always felt the need to approach it in a different (her own) way. This is why she loves to do OXO - an organic vegan permanent smoothing treatment.  This means smooth, permanent & straight hair for every woman that walks into her salon! This solution can work on any hair type and is also safe for pregnant women and kids!

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